PRESS RELEASE - July 27, 2007

New 9th edition of Boston's Bikemap

The 9th edition of Boston's Bikemap is hot off the press and available starting today in local bike shops and book stores.

This map, the Boston area cyclist's guide since 1978, has been changing ever since that nascent first edition. Rubel Bikemaps has made hundreds of improvements since taking on the map in 1994. Changes in this 9th edition include new and updated road routes, new segments of bike paths, updated bike shop information, and a comprehensive update to the back of the map.

The map covers all or part of Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Lexington, Malden, Medford, Needham, Newton, Somerville, Waltham, and Watertown.

Changes to road routes include a new, post Big Dig route into Logan Airport; reinstating Summer St. in South Boston (previously closed due to Big Dig construction); a commuter route from the north to the Wellington T; and more. New bike paths include Charles River path sections in Watertown and Waltham, along Fresh Pond Parkway in Cambridge, along Ft. Point Channel in Boston, and the East Boston Greenway. The lack of connection between B.U. Bridge and Charles River path in Boston is finally clarified with words "no bridge/path connection," plus the word "steps" added to both ends of the Weeks Footbridge to eliminate the "surprise" factor. Ferry information now appears in the blue waters of Dorchester Bay. And while plenty of history remains in the map, extensive touch-up and an excellent printing job by Graphic Litho, in Lawrence, Mass. (who printed the original map) has helped improve its visual crispness. Updated locations of bicycle shops on the map reflect new and moved (or closed) shops - happily there are more rather than fewer shops, a sign that bicycling continues to be vital to the Boston area.

The "Big Dig" areas, shaded pink in the last edition of the map, remains pink with a warning notice. "Although the area is finally beginning to improve, it still needs the warning," says Rubel BikeMaps owner Andy Rubel. "I hope to remove the pink shading and add some more bicycle-friendly roads in the area for the next edition. Both the state and the city have stated their intent to improve cycling conditions -- we'll see how they do over the next few years."

The back of the map has updated bicycle shop information, and comprehensive updates to intermodal information (bikes on rail, buses, planes, and ferries), bicycling organizations, pothole repair phone numbers, and other informational sections. Massbike, the non-profit statewide bicycle advocacy organization, is featured in several locations. One of these is under Bicycling Skills Classes, with MassBike's classes geared toward adults 16 and over with at least modest experience on a bike. Two new teaching organizations are now mentioned as well: CYCLE Kids provides a school-based children's program, and the Bicycle Riding School teaches adult beginners.

The map includes a complete Minuteman Bikeway map, showing connections in Cambridge, Arlington, Lexington, and Bedford; an illustrated article "How to Ride a Bike in Boston Traffic" by veteran cyclist John Allen; and information about taking bikes on the MBTA subway and commuter rail (click here for details of the Bikes on the T program, or call 617-222-4400, or visit

"We put a lot of careful attention into this map," Rubel says. "I hope to encourage more people to bicycle for more reasons, to help reduce our dependence on cars which pollute and congest our communities. I try to give people all the information they need to give cycling a try."

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