Bikes-on-the-T Program (Eastern/Central Massachusetts)

Your bike rides free when you pay normal fare on the MBTA commuter-rail, the red, blue, and orange lines of the subway, and on the "CT" crosstown buses. No special pass is required.

On the commuter rail you can take your bike anytime except during rush hours in the direction of the rush. These times are shaded gray on the schedule cards. A conductor will tell you where to stow your bike (bring a long bungee cord for securing it).

On the red, blue, and orange subway lines (but not the green line) you may take your bike weekdays between 10 AM to 2 PM and after 7:30 PM **11/04** The T now permits bikes anytime except 7-10am and 4-7pm weekdays. They are permitted all day on weekends. Use only the last car of the train **11/04** Two bikes per car are now permitted; enter or exit only if you can do so without interfering with other passengers.

Crosstown buses have special bike racks, which can be used at any time. Ask the bus driver how to put your bike safely on the rack. Bikes are not permitted on other bus routes.

Never ride in the station or take your bike on escalators. Other restrictions like specific black-out days apply. For more information about the MBTA Bikes-on-the-T program:

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Last update: 2004 Nov 17