What People are Saying about Rubel BikeMaps

We've received many, many testimonials praising our maps (and appreciated every last one). Here are a few. We've omitted the source from most comments because we don't publish people's names without their permission. Some comments were posted to the Massbike sponsored discussion group. You can also contact us for more information. Thanks to all of you for all the kind words -- Andy Rubel.

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"I was interested if you have CT maps yet? I LOVE YOUR SERIES OF FOUR for MA." [via email]

"Just wanted to tell you how much we like your bike maps! We use them for road and mt. biking, and even for driving. We really like how you've coded the roads green or pink for color, and how you've include bike paths and trails where they exist. Looking forward to more maps of other New England states, if you can. [via email]

"We were sent your maps by the Boston Tourist Office... I used your map to plan the routes, book bed & breakfast accommodation, and book the necessary ferries. All went very smoothly and we could not have done it without your maps."
Linda Fielding and Paul Craig, cycle-tourists, London England

"Thanks for all the hard work in producing the maps -- they are an extremely useful resource." [via email]

"I've found lots of good routes with your maps, and they have often gotten me home from various places much quicker and/or more pleasantly than I otherwise would have managed. Thanks!" [via email]

"...I just wanted to say thanks for all you've done." [via email]

"I would like to first commend you on a great job with the maps you have done so far....I anxiously await future issues of new areas ..." [via email]

"Vermont! Vermont! Vermont! When are you doing Vermont? Let me know. I've Been using your Western Mass map all summer and it has been great. Nice job." [via email]

"Yesterday morning, I took a very pleasant bicycle ride from Somerville to Lawrence for the annual Labor Day Bread & Roses festival. Thanks to Andy Rubel's "Eastern Massachusetts" BikeMap, I found the following quiet and scenic route..." [Ron Newman, posted to massbike@topica.com 9/7/99]

"You're maps are great! They are the best... Unlike car oriented road maps your maps have the detail needed to find those undiscovered quiet back roads. ...we sincerely hope you develop a bicycling map for eastern Connecticut." [via email]

"Thank you thank you thank you on the B.U. Bridge [pocket] rides! I've laughed at the irony of commuting in a car to Bedford to do some of your other rides, it'll be nice to just get on my bike and be at the B.U. bridge in five minutes for these new ones. Keep up the great work!"
[via email] [One of our goals for the regional maps is to provide useful and pleasant routes from anywhere to anywhere, so a ride can start out at your own doorstep. As for pocket rides, most begin at commuter-rail stops, a bikeway terminus, or in a heavily populated area (like the B.U. Bridge), to keep it simple and again reduce the need for motor vehicle complications -- Andy Rubel]

"Thanks. People out here are lovin' your Central Mass maps." [note from bikeshop owner]

"We biked along some portions of the Rail Trail and blessed Andy's map several times. We even sprung for the new updated version..." [via email]

"I have had a ball with your Western Mass. Bike Map since I bought it at the Mountain Goat in Williamstown, Ma. The idea of combining bike routes and ice cream shop locations is inspired; for me, your map will always be 'The Ice Cream Map'...it has led me to some pretty good rides" [via US mail]

"You guys are the best! We are so well served in Massachusetts and Boston by RBM -- every state and city should be so lucky! Thank you!" [via email from a frequent poster to massbike@topica.com]

"Always love your maps." [via email]

"...you have the best quality bicycle maps I've seen." [via email]

"I think you've done a really good job with the Massachusetts bike maps..." [via email]

"Regarding a Vineyard Rubel Bikemap Doug wrote: 'It should be available at any eastern Massachusetts bike shop.' Well, we're hip to Rubel maps, too! Any decent shop in Central Mass. will have a counter display stuffed with them!" [posted to massbike@topica.com 5/26/99]

"I had an AWESOME 50-mile ride around the Great Barrington and points east area of the Berkshires (southern Berkshires) on Saturday thanks to Rubel's Western Mass map. The roads were good, the scenery was amazingly beautiful, there were very few cars, and I didn't get lost! Thanks!" [posted to massbike@topica.com 5/18/99]

"We appreciate the opportunity to be associated with Rubel BikeMaps, and have had many bicyclists come to us as a result of your map guides." [Charles Terrell, Owner of Academy Place Bed & Breakfast, Orleans, MA]

"...great map packed with lots of information. Thanks. Have already scoped out some of the trail heads for this coming season with the family. Had no problems following the roads using your map." [via email]

"For bicycling maps throughout Massachusetts, check out Andy Rubel's Rubel BikeMaps -- http://www.bikemaps.com/ -- these maps are available at most bike shops, and are well worth the money, IMHO." [posted to massbike@topica.com, 1/18/99]

"I recommend the excellent Rubel BikeMaps series, which you can find at Belmont Wheel Works or any other local bicycle shop (as well as many bookstores and even my local grocery store)." [posted to massbike@topica.com 1/18/99]

"You did a splendid job... comprehensive, clear, and encouraging." [Bonnie Parsons, Preservation Planner, Western Massachusetts]

"Recently I bought your Western Massachusetts Map... it was one of the most useful and full-featured maps we've ever used. We are never without it on our trips." [Richard & Lynda Winnick, Cyclists, Northampton, MA]

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