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Rubel Bikemaps Regional Maps

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*NOTE* Western and Central maps (and hence the map sets) are currently unavailable. We hope to have them back soon but have no estimated date yet.

  • Western Massachusetts -- NY state border east to include Quabbin
  • Central Massachusetts -- I-495 West to include Quabbin Reservoir
  • Eastern Massachusetts -- All MA east of I-495 except Cape Cod 6/22/01 Press Release
  • Cape Cod & North Shore -- Cape Cod, Islands, Cape Ann, North Shore 6/22/01 Press Release
  • Massachusetts Bicycle Map Set-- includes above 4 maps (great gift!)
  • Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket Islands

    These regional maps are Bicycle & Road Maps as well as Bed & Breakfast Guides. They provide general road and recreation information as well as bicycle-specific features.

General and recreation features include:

Bicycle-specific features include:

The map scale of 2 miles to the inch permits showing all those "connecting roads" that go through and are often desirable for cycling. The maps show far more detail than typical "state" maps and cover much more area than city maps. We work hard to try to make the best regional maps available.

The following is a sample from one of the regional maps. Please note that the printed map is dramatically crisper and clearer than the image we can post on the web.

sample of regional bike map

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