PRESS RELEASE - October 4, 2001

Bicycling Street Smarts - Riding Confidently, Legally and Safely

There's more to safe bicycling than putting on a helmet (which is a great start). Beginning and experienced cyclists alike will enjoy safer and more pleasurable rides after reading the brand new second edition of John Allen's Bicycling Street Smarts: Riding Confidently, Legally and Safely.

Just off the press from Rubel BikeMaps, this compact 46-page booklet will answer all your questions about the nuts and bolts of safe on-road cycling including lane-positioning, navigating intersections, expert control of brakes and steering, emergency maneuvers, and dealing with difficult situations. By learning correct on-road riding techniques and mastering control of the bicycle, any cyclist will enjoy increased confidence and safety while riding in any traffic conditions.

Rubel BikeMaps teamed up with author John Allen and bicycle advocate Conrad Willeman to update and expand the text and illustrations, and to make the page layout cleaner and easier to read. Graphic designer George Almasi helped design a snazzy new cover.

"This is a one-of-a-kind book," states Andy Rubel, owner of Rubel BikeMaps. "While there are other sources for this information: longer books, classes, and the "school of hard knocks", not everyone is willing to take the time for those. This booklet is inexpensive, comprehensive, and bite-sized. It fills a huge void in the need for accessible education for cyclists."

Bicycling Street Smarts already has an excellent track record. The first edition, printed in 1988 by Rodale, Inc., boasts over 200,000 copies in circulation and has garnered high praise among bicycle safety experts. Michael Klasmeier, Program Director for League of American Bicyclists says it's "an excellent users guide to riding on the roads, controlling your bicycle, and arriving safely." Preston Tyree, Education Director for the Texas Bicycle Coalition remarked, "Wow! Great! This easy to read book will make you a better, safer cyclist."

There are few people as qualified as John Allen to write this much-needed booklet. In addition to Bicycling Street Smarts, Mr. Allen authored The Complete Book of Bicycle Commuting (Rodale, 1981). He has written over 200 articles for national bicycle magazines, and has co-authored or contributed to many other publications. Mr. Allen serves as an expert witness-consultant in bicycle accident cases and is very active in bicycle advocacy. John has been bicycling for transportation and recreation since 1964, and rides more than half his annual mileage in urban traffic.

Bicycling Street Smarts is available at local bike shops, or to order by mail, send $4.95 plus $1 p&h to Rubel BikeMaps, PO Box 401035, Cambridge, MA 02140. Bulk discounts are available. Rubel BikeMaps has bicycle maps for all of Massachusetts, available in local bike shops, book stores, and map & travel centers. For other purchasing options or more information about Bicycling Street Smarts or the maps, visit their website at, write them at P.O. Box 401035, Cambridge, MA 02140, or send email to

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