Hungry Nomad Maps & Guides by Rosemary Jason (distributed by Rubel BikeMaps)

Hungry Nomad covers

Rosemary Jason, author of Pocket Rides, has created a new map & guide series called "Hungry Nomad Maps," to combine her love of bicycling, food, and farms! These 7-panel fold-out maps have prepackaged rides, shorter than those in Pocket Rides, and also some walks. They are fun leisurely day trips that focus on exploring local farms and vineyards by bike and foot.

Hungry Nomad titles available:

  • West of Boston 1 (Bike rides and Walks/Farms) -- Lincoln, Concord, Carlisle et al; 5 bike rides, 8-20 miles; 2 walking tours & nature trails; lots of farms.
  • South Coast, Massachusetts & Rhode Island (Bike rides and Walks/Farms and Vineyards) -- 3 bike rides, 11-17 miles, 1 walking tour & nature trails; 3 vineyards; lots of farms, and one brewery.

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Sample of 3 panels of the Hungry Nomad South Coast Mass. & RI -- Copyright 2009 Hungry Nomad Maps. All rights reserved.
This is a low-resolution sample; the printed map is much clearer than this posted image.
sample map

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Last update: 2009 April 27