Rubel Connecticut Bicycle Maps -- Update

The Story
Summer 2004: After delaying our CT maps twice for other large projects (Bicycling Street Smarts and Car-Free in Boston), we were well underway to complete our first CT map in late 2004.

The unexpected loss of a key employee, Madeleine Noland, has unfortunately delayed this project once again. Madeleine was chief cartographer and researcher for the CT maps. She left Rubel BikeMaps for personal reasons which precluded her further work on the maps.

I will need to create a new plan for the CT maps, and I will post information here as it is available. I regret the prolonged delay and apologize to all of you who are waiting patiently (or impatiently!).

Andy Rubel

The Bottom Line
Publication of Rubel CT maps has been delayed. There is not yet a target completion date.

Getting Updates
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Last update: 2005 Feb 18