Bicycling Street Smarts cover

Bicycling Street Smarts by John S. Allen

"THE definitive booklet for learning to ride in traffic"
Officer Kirby Beck, Police-Certified Instructor, Past President, International Police Mountain Bike Association

"Wow! This easy-to-read book will make you a better, safer cyclist."

W. Preston Tyree, Education Director, League of American Bicyclists

Bicycling Street Smarts is an updated and revised edition of Street Smarts, originally published between 1988 and 2000 by Rodale Inc.

This compact booklet describes the nuts and bolts of safe and legal on-road cycling including lane-positioning, navigating intersections, expert control of brakes and steering, emergency maneuvers, and dealing with difficult situations. By learning correct on-road riding techniques and mastering control of the bicycle, any cyclist from beginner to expert will enjoy increased confidence and safety while riding any road.

Size: 5 3/8" x 8 1/4", 46 pages
ISBN: 1-881559-75-0
UPC: 6-14981-55975-6

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10/4/01 Press Release
Free copies of Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Ohio versions

About the Author:
John S. Allen has written over 200 articles for national bicycle magazines. He frequently serves as an expert witness-consultant in bicycle accident cases. Mr. Allen is also the author of The Complete Book of Bicycle Commuting (Rodale, 1981), and has co-authored or contributed to many other publications. John is very active in bicycle advocacy organizations including the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition, Massachusetts Bicycle Safety Alliance, and the Federal Highway Administration's Steering Committee for development of a national bicycling curriculum. He has been bicycling for transportation and recreation since 1964, and rides more than half his annual mileage in urban traffic. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and son.

Street Smarts On-Line:

Please bear in mind that Bicycling Street Smarts is a copyrighted publication. Permission requests for reproduction should be directed to Rubel BikeMaps, PO Box 401035, Cambridge, MA 02140,

The current web-version of Bicycling Street Smarts appears on John Allen's web site. Other on-line versions are available for Arizona, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (PA version is based on an earlier edition). To obtain printed copies of state-specific booklets click here.

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Arizona; sponsored by Arizona Department of Transportation.
California; sponsored by several organizations; copies may also be purchased from Rubel Bikemaps (while supplies last).
Florida; sponsored by Florida Bicycle Association, Florida Department of Transportation, and Bike Florida.
Idaho; sponsored by Idaho Transportation Department and Ada County Highway District.
Ohio; sponsored by Ohio Department of Transportation.
Pennsylvania; sponsored by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

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Pennsylvania Bicycle
Driver's Manual, 2000

web version
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Ohio Bicycling
Street Smarts
2002, 2004

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Breezer Skills
provided with all new Breezer bikes since 2002


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Florida Bicycling
Street Smarts

web version
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Arizona Bicycling
Street Smarts, 2004

web version
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Idaho Bicycling
Street Smarts, 2005

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California Bicycling
Street Smarts

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